coreSMPP SMS Gateway

Global cloud SMS gateway platform with advanced routing, reliability and capacity.


SMS is the most ubiquitous mode of interactive communication available today. With a mobile telephone base of 4.5 billion globally, SMS has been embraced by enterprise and media houses alike to reach out to the end user. SMS Polls, interactive TV, games, contests, and promotion campaigns are some of the SMS widely used today. CoreSMPP Gateway is a robust solution to manage high volume SMS transactions without delays and failures.

There are many protocols through which SMS can be sent or received, such as, HTTP, SMTP, SMPP, etc. In order to connect any SMPP server, we need to have a SMPP Client. A standard SMPP Client allows binding a connection and conducting MO/MT transactions.

Keeping today’s demand for process automation, we have designed our SMPP Client such as, it not only establishes a connection with multiple SMS Gateway but also absorbs the end-to-end customization requirement. So, this application acts as a middleware between customer Application/DB and SMS gateway.

SMPP Server

The Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol is a telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging SMS between SMS peer entities, SMPP Server and/or External Short Messaging Entities. It is used to allow third parties to submit messages and collect Reports for the same. SMPP Server allows ESME such as SMPP Clients to connect and submit SMS.

Key Features:

  • SMPP 3.4 specification
  • Supports lower version SMPP 3.3
  • Multiple SMPP Connections supported
  • Simple text SMS, Concatenation (multi-part SMS), Binary andUnicode (UTF-8) for sending out multilingual SMS supported.
  • Supports easy creation and sending of specialized SMS like mono Ringtones, WAP Push, vCards, OTA settings, Picture SMS, Flash SMS, operator logo, Special characters et al.
  • File Upload Utility (Excel/Text)
  • Multiple SMS termination points (SMSC connections) can be run simultaneously with advanced delivery optimization rules like choice of channel based on the time of day, day of week, content of message, destination operator, type of message and so on.
  • Reports consist of MSISDN tracking reports, Summary of SMS sent / received on the basis of number series / time of day and many more.
  • Our SMS Gateway supports high availability cluster deployment with a committed up-time of the gateway system of up to 99.999%


  • The SMS connectivity client part connects to various SMSC across various Telecom operators in different geographic regions. The client connectivity supports SMPP 3.4, 3.3, CIMD 1.2, HTTP and even direct SS7 connectivity which utilizes Brio SMSC as a built-in module (optional).
  • The middle or the control layer is responsible for the administration of the system, the optimal routing of SMS messages and generation of generic and customized reports.
  • The front end consists of the server to which different applications can connect and send SMS. In this module Brio SMS Gateway supports SMPP, CIMD, SOAP XML API, HTTP, RPC over HTTPS and basic Web UI.