An SMSC (Short Message Service Center) handles SMS operations like forwarding text messages until they’ve reached their desired destinations, and storing texts temporarily if the destination is unavailable. Wireless network operators connect SMSCs through SMS gateways, which act as a  transmission between the two SMSCs.
SMSC is the center of all messaging activities with your customers. It receives the text messages from the customers using mobile handsets, stores them and forwards them to the desired customers. If the end user is not available or the mobile is switched off the SMSC stores the message until the mobile is available and message is sent to it. It also maintains the time stamp of text messages. This ensures that delivery of messages is guaranteed. However, messages are stored for 24 hours only, and if the mobile is not available within that time then the message will be deleted.

SS7 level SMSC


The SS7 level SMSC helps operators and aggregators to manage mobile connections and deliver high performance in messaging services. With this you will be able to embark on bulk campaigning. Even customers will be able to respond to advertisements, radio and television broadcasts, contests etc. The SMSC administrator will be able to manage customer campaigns with the web user interface of the application. CoreSMPP is an expert in setting up and operating SS7 level SMSC.


Application to person messaging


Application to person messaging is developing faster than people to people messaging and is going to be a good revenue channel for operators and aggregators. It is a profit making segment for operators. With the right set up of level 7 SMSC you will be able to generate revenue from A2P messaging services.

Features of SS7 Level SMSC Solutions

  • The SMSC is an essential feature of both person to person and person to application messaging service. The SS7 level SMSV set up by us will be able to handle complex and continuously evolving world of messaging by both current and future users. It supports multiple SMSC Global Titles for routing messages.
  • After the SS7 level SMSC solution is set up in your network it will be able to handle messages in all languages.
  • It helps in integrating the process of end to end mobile data services, application hosting, dedicated connectivity with SMSCs of other operators, both GSM and CDMA including those in other countries.
  • It makes the network scalable to handle surge in messaging services as well as accommodate future additions to customer base.
  • You will be able to connect with the customer using HTTP, SMTP and XML protocols. Your network will support all formats and features of messaging.
  • There will be MNP resolution through HLR lookups. Moreover, with the web application distribution to end users will become easy.
  • We will help you implement SS7 level SMSC in your network and integrate it seamlessly with both front end and back end systems so that you can offer innovative, customized and prompt services to your esteemed clients.