Bulk SMS Suite

Get Your Message Across

Bulk SMS campaigns are one of the most customer-friendly and easy-to-use marketing channels. It ensures your promotional campaigns focuses on the interested target audience. Unlike emails, SMS are easy-to-access and read. Ability to view information on fingertips maximises the open rate of the SMS in comparison to emails. SMS service thus gets your message across instantly and boosts campaign engagement. Send promotional or transactional messages to your audience. Personalise it further as per business need or customer appeal. Embed dynamic scripts and tailor your SMS further to fetch updated information from the database.


Promotional & Transactional SMS

Send OTPs, alerts, promotional offers and transactional messages. Seamlessly trigger these messages from a comprehensive and easy-to-use web portal.

Supports Multiple SMS Campaigns

Run multiple SMS campaigns simultaneously without any overlaps. Seamlessly manage and customise all the campaigns from a single web portal.

Scheduling Marketing Campaigns

Run same campaign in multiple time slots or multiple campaigns in same slots. Schedule your SMS campaigns at your choice.

Instant Delivery

Reach customers in no time. This incredibly fast platform delivers your message in the customer’s inbox instantly.

Customisation Flexibility

Create message templates with unique personalised texts to connect with the audience. Use dynamic scripts for enhanced customisations.

High Conversion Rate

Achieve high conversion with SMS Campaigns. Unlike emails, SMS have high open rates which ensure maximum conversion.

Our personalized marketing campaigns, as per the need of our clients, have enhanced their business like never before. With digital advertisements becoming the backbone of any business, we make sure to do them in the right way for promoting products and services from launch to becoming the market leader in its domain niche.

  • User-friendly and professional service 24 x 7
  • Able to send bulk SMS within a few minutes by instant activation of accounts
  • Incredible delivery reports to know the precise delivery status of the sent SMS
  • Unique capability to even convert the stringent TRA regulations of the UAE to the benefit of our clients
  • Providing localized marketing strategies that depend on the categorized database
  • Clients can customize their marketing campaigns as per their need and any number of SMS
  • Do not let network problems affect your marketing campaign. Ensure you reach out to every potential customer with SMS retries.
  • Automate your campaign processes and management. Integrate your system with CRM, Google Sheet, Zoho apps and more.

Powerful and flexible infrastructure

Guaranteed leads via SMS

Generation of traffic on websites/apps

Quick and intelligent SMS gateway

Direct contact with different telecom operators

Building of good rapport among customers